No Wonder I’m Always Hungry…..

85% of the food I consume on a daily basis are fruits and vegetables; which is a good thing. In fact, its a GREAT THING! The only problem, I am always hungry! I know that most fruits and vegetables are made up of water and fiber which are two components that tend to break down and run through the body quicker so I assumed this was the reason for my always growling tummy. I’ve recently discovered it may be my caloric intake that is the issue. I was on FitSugar’s site and they showed how many pieces of one fruit or vegetable you would have to eat to equal 100 calories.

For more information and pictures, visit FitSugar

There is NO WAY I would be able to eat all of that! 60 green beans? 2 1/4 cucumbers?? Fruit would be easier for me to consume 100 carlories but you can bet your last dollar that I will NOT be munching on 18 stalks of celery in one sitting.

On another note: This goes to show that is so much better for you to eat as much fruits and vegetables as you want and stay away from those disgusting 100 Calorie Snack Packs that have NO nutritional value

What about you? Were you shocked to see hot much you would have to consume in order to reach 100?


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