Nom Nom Nom: Cucumber-Watermelon Salad

Sliced cucumber and watermelon have been two of my daily snacks for the summer. One day I was getting bored of eating the cucumber all by it’s lonesome. I decided to “marry” both of them together and realized I had created something very NOM-licious! Um, I am definitely late to the Cucumber-Watermelon party. One quick Google search resulted in hundreds of recipes. I’m sharing one of them with you today!

Image and Recipe via All Recipes

I don’t add Balsamic Vinegar to mine. I keep it simple with only cucumbers and watermelon. I saw some different variations in which feta cheese(yum!) or mint was added. I would suggest not adding the sugar. Personally, I feel watermelon is sweet enough. This is a very yummy and filling meal and is very low in calories (if you follow the servings of this recipe, each one is only 48 calories!). 

Have you ever tried this before? Do you have any variations?? 


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