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So…..over the past few months, Netflix has been rocking my world. Like most, I am not happy about how they are jacking up their prices but when you do the math and see what other sites are offering, Netflix still has the best deal.

One of the best things about Netflix is that it allows you to discover new series that you have never seen before. For me, it’s Supernatural.

Actually, I heard about Supernatural when it was premieirng but I didn’t give it a chance. Everytime I saw the promotions the show came off as if two brothers were put into some random predicament to fight off the supernatural and found it cool therefore they decided to persue it.

As a hardcore horror fan, that turned me off. I just want to say…bad advertising for the show!!! It is nothing like that. Here’s the sypnosis:

Dean and Sam Winchester are brothers that were trained to fight off evil by their father once they lost their mother in a suspicious house fire (we later learn it’s a demon). They were taught to believe in the boogeyman and be afraid of the dark because, guess what? There are things that do go bump in the night. Dean (the older brother, played by Jensen Ackles) continues on with the life as a hunter but Sam (played by Jared Padelecki) decides to go to college and put that life behind him.  When their father goes missing, they go out on a job to try to find them. They do not find their father but they do finish the job by defeating the supernatural being. When Sam returns back to his apartment, he sees his girlfriend go up in the flames. The same way his mother did when he was a baby. This sparks Sam to embrace the hunter lifestyle and hit the road with his brother. The first season focuses on Sam and Dean trying to find their father. While trying to find their father, they are also following up other clues that lead them to towns that may be experiencing something of the supernatural force. Throughout the season, you get to meet other “hunters” and learn that each one of them has gotten into lifestyle for personal reasons. And none their stories/reasons have happy endings. 

I am hooked on this show! The creator worked on the concept for this show for ten years. You can tell he did his research. This isn’t some hokey BS. He has thrown in some Urban Legend Classics and Folklore: The Woman in White (or The Weeping Woman) and The Grimm’s Brother Fairytales (you know, the ones in which Hansel and Gretel get eaten); vampires, ghosts haunting abandoned hospitals, demons possessing bodies and the never ending struggle of Good vs. Evil.

If you are a fan of horror, urban legends, or folklore then you must watch this show.

 If anything, watch it for the eye candy. 

Especially Dean:

You’re Welcome


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  • Bri@Meyouandawiener

    Gurl I too have netflix but am always overwhelmed by what you have to chose from. There are a crapload of shows to watch. I'm waiting for gossip girl.

    Yes the price hike is still not bad considering others.

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