Thrifty Find

Jenifer, better known as Deltapurl on Twitter, scored a great dress for her sister! It has been said over and over again, “Every woman needs an LBD (Little Black Dress).” Now, her sister is covered!

TAGS WERE STILL ON! So, for those of you that think it’s skeevy to wear used clothing….still head to the thrift stores! You never know what you may find. Plus, most places, such as Goodwill, usually have racks specified for never worn items that been brought in from other stores.

Not only does Jenifer have a great eye when it comes to thrifting, she also makes great of jewelry.
 This piece is my favorite. 
Image Source

Oh! She also knits. Like a mad woman! She is fast. AND GOOD! Make sure to check out her Etsy page. 
If you were part of the Columbia Chapter for “I <3 Thrifting” Day and want your “Thrifty Finds” featured, please send me an e-mail at lifeispichey@gmail.com.  


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