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So… as I was heading to work this morning, I had the pleasure of driving behind a truck that was carrying crates of chickens. Chickens that were heading to have their lives ended. Sad. By the time this post is published, they most likely will be dead. Seeing this truck reminded me why I became a vegetarian. It has been about 7 years?.I think. Actually, I went vegetarian for a short period of time in high school. I used to have a cockatiel name Freckles. I remember I was eating a piece of chicken and I started to associate it with my bird. I was absolutely disgusted.
I should also state that I used to tell people that I would never go vegetarian because I love bacon and ribs too much. When we went out to eat, you better believe I was having ribs. All you can eat breakfast?? Pile on the bacon! Did someone say Barbecue Cookout?!?! Don?t even think about touching the ribs because I want them all!!
As I got older, I wanted to be more conscious about what I was putting into my body. Soon I was eating chicken but it had to be baked or grilled, not fried. Bacon was switched to turkey bacon and fish was becoming more of a daily eat. I use to hate seafood!
Honestly, I can?t remember the exact reason how I was lead to PETA?s site but I know it had to do with the way animals were tortured. The most disturbing video I have ever seen was a cow being lifted by a belt of some type and as soon as the cow was high enough, a worker comes and slits it’s throat. As soon as the cow’s throat was slit, it is released and dropped and left on the ground flailing. To make matter worse, the worker starts to kick the cow’s own blood back into it?s eyes!! Talk about ?Kick me when I?m down!?
Granted, not all cows are slaughtered this way but I am sure this wasn?t the only cow that was treated this way.
I have read countless stories on how pigs are slaughtered and how they will go up to the worker and wimp on them as if they were a dog. Matter of fact, pigs are just as smart as dogs. If not smarter. I?ve met some stupid dogs. I?ve seen how animals are clubbed, probed, and electrocuted for their fur?..it?s disgusting.
I continued on with my research and studied how humans were meant to eat meat because our teeth were not built that way. Makes sense, if we were built to eat meat, we would have teeth like lions and tigers. Instead, we have to cook our meat in order for it to be tolerable.
After countless hours of research, I decided to stop eating meat. I took it another step further and decided that I will no longer wear any animal products. I felt (and still feel) that I do not need an animal to nourish or clothed me. Shopping has become more challenging; I have to check labels to make sure it reads “all man-made materials” or “synthetic.”
I can?t really remember what happened when I told people. Honestly, I didn?t care. Everyone thought it was a ?diet.? Clearly, they don?t know me. I can?t diet. I love food too much.
At first I went strictly vegan (no animal product at all: cheese, eggs, milk, etc) and I was ok with that. But I love ice cream and cheese too much. I still don?t drink milk. It?s either soy, almond, or coconut milk. It depends what?s on sale for the week and what I have coupon for. HA! .
After a few years of being strictly vegetarian, I did start to eat fish; mostly salmon and tilapia.  Like everything else, I researched and learned those were the cleanest and healthiest fish. Also, they are the nicest to the environment (in the way they were caught). But I haven?t eaten tilapia in 2 years over a year and probably never will again because I learned that most of tilapia is farmed raised and that some weird genetic type fish is made just for them to eat. FREAKY!! I have also lowered my intake of salmon as the safest ones to eat are listed as ?wild-caught.? If it?s not listed that way, then it?s also eating some type of freaky genetic fish. Some days I?m strictly vegan as I munch on veggies, rice, and beans all day. Some days I am vegetarian because I need my ice cream fix. Others, I?m pescatarian because I may be in the mood for salmon. Will I ever go back to eating chicken, cows, and pigs??? For now, I say no. Not only am I disgusted by eating a live animal but there?s also the health factor. A lot of chickens and meats are pumped with crazy hormones that I don?t want in my body. My husband does eat meat and my son does, rarely (he?s two and a picky eater). But I do the grocery shopping and I try my hardest to get organic when I can. It may cost more but it gives me a piece of mind at night. Actually, I am a ingredient-reading junkie and try to get most things all natural/organic.
I don?t know what I would call myself, I usually tell people I don?t eat meat and they generally know I mean no chicken, cow, or pig. Some people will probe more and ask if I am strictly vegan.
One more thing; this is somewhat of a gripe. I cannot stand it when meat eaters (and some vegetarians) get all high and mighty and judge vegetarians that eat mock meat. They say it?s defeating the purpose. Um?.not! Last time I check, the way ?meat looks? is how it is on a LIVING ANIMAL! So if you want to get technical meat eaters, you are eating mock meat as well. Trust me, I?ve read the ingredients.
Have you ever thought about going vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian? What are you thoughts on this?


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  • Beth

    I had been thinking about switching for awhile for health reasons and knowing what they do to animals is horrible. Then adding genetically altered things is disgusting. I didn't know they did that to tilapia. Ew! I'm ready to switch. Thanks for sharing.

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