Favorite Things: All About Food!

  1. Athenos Hummus. Hummus with pita, hummus with veggies, hummus with tortilla chips?..yum! I use to stick with original (Boring, I know.) but lately I have been loving Roasted Peppers and Savory Mushroom.
  2. Athenos Greek Yogurt. I have had Greek Yogurt before but had never tried Athenos? brand. I?m assuming it?s new?? It was on sale for $1 and figured ?Why, not?? It is MUY YUMMY! I like how they have the fruit and yogurt separate and you can mix it on your own. 
  3. Feta Cheese. 3 out of 5 days, I have a salad for lunch. I don?t like dressing on my salad (Is that weird? Probably.) so topping it off with feta and tomato is icing on my salad cake.
  4. Kashi Pita Crisps. New to me. Again, they were on sale, had a coupon, so I got them. They go great with #1. Or alone.
  5. Muddy Buddy. I associate this snack with the holidays. I remember in school when we had holiday parties someone would always bring this treat. It wasn?t until last year that I found out what it was called! Some people call it ?White Trash.? It?s because you take everything and mix it all together in a trash bag. Yeah, not a fan of that name.   This stuff is addicting! Before you know it, you would have eaten half of the batch. Now that I know how to make it, I am going to have to do some major self-control.
  6. PB2 Peanut Butter Powder. I love peanut butter, but not the calories and fat that comes with it. Even the all-natural/organic brands can have up to 200 calories in one serving. Granted, you don?t have to worry about calories as much when you you are eating all-natural/organic but I like to add my peanut butter to my protein shakes and between the fruit (usually a banana), protein powder, and milk (almond, soy, rice or coconut. Again, whatever is on sale),  the calories ADD UP! With PB2, they roast the peanuts and press out all of the oil(the fat part) leaving you with the powdery goodness. You can mix it with water (or milk. Your choice) and it makes a yummy peanut butter spread.
  7. Green Tea. Not new in my life but when I get tired of drinking water I switch to green tea. Hot. No sugar. Thank you. I read a little caffeine is good for you and since I do not do coffee tea was the next alternative. And no, I won?t do Sweet Tea. BLECH!
  8. Couscous. I had couscous back when I was in college (about 8 years ago). I really liked it but never got it again. It took me seeing a few recipes that contained couscous as an ingredient for me to try it again. Plus, it was on sale as well. Yes, I love a good bargain. I?m a huge couponer. But, that?s a whole ?nother post!
  9. Hot Tamales. Not new in my life. I?ve been eating them since I was four. As far as I?m concerned, they are my 5th food group. They are my life support. I need my Hot Tamales. 

Having any food obsessions lately?


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