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Every time I look at photos, I always look to see what is happening in the background; someone making a funny/weird/puzzled face, location the picture was taking, someone flipping the bird….you get what I’m saying. As I was doing my blog browsing I clicked through a link with the intentions to read the article but I kind of got stuck on the picture:

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The first thing I noticed about this picture? I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t Jennifer Garner. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jennifer Garner. Actually, I don’t like her. She took my man, Ben Affleck. I was in love with him before anyone knew who he was. I’m talking School Ties. While others were falling for Brendan Fraser and Matt Damon (who has never been cute to me.), I was falling for Ben Affleck.
I digress. The first thing I noticed in this picture was the Step and Repeat. Having sponsors displayed in their own separate vintage/antique frame is so much chicer than the overused and oversized backdrops normally used at events! I’m sure it’s also more eco-friendly and CHEAPER! The first time I saw frames used for a Step and Repeat was for Alice and Olivia’s shoe launch.


Image source


I’m sure this will soon become trendy and everybody will be doing it.
Hell, I want to do it! ?
You gotta admit, it’s much more pleasing to the eye.

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