My Thoughts on America’s Next Top Model: All Stars

I have a love/hate relationship with America?s Next Top Mode (or ANTM). I love watching the show for the fashion, make up and photo shoots but the majority of the time I watch with my eyes rolling. This show is supposed to be about transforming women into a Top Model. Really, it?s about Tyra Banks saying ?Look at me! Look at me!?
The first 3 or 4 seasons (oh, I mean ?cycles?) were great!!! You could tell the show didn?t have as much as a budget so they did their best to make it about the models. Once the money started rolling in, so did Tyra?s narcissistic antics.  After several ?cycles,? I made the decision to quit ANTM.
This year Tyra is doing America?s Next Top Model: All Stars. Tyra wants to focus more on making a ?brand? and not just a ?model.? I think this is very smart. There isn?t one celebrity out there that is solely focused on one outlet. Look at the Kardashians. Whether you like them or not, the Kardashians are a brand: perfumes, books, make up, clothing, skin care, etc. Mama Jenner is a VERY SMART WOMAN.
I digress. Instead of labeling this cycle ?All Stars? it should have been called, ?ANTM: The Girls Who Will Bring The Most Drama and Best Ratings.?
Here are the picks for this season. I?ve also included my predictions on what their “role” will be this “cycle.” 
  1. Shannon Stewart (Cycle 1). I think Shannon would be good for wholesome brands. As we see in the first episode, she is still adamant about wearing underwear in public. She opted to wear a bikini compared to shorts that were lace-y because they looked too much like ?underwear.? Say Whaaa?? Let me get this straight, Shannon. As long as it doesn?t look like underwear BUT it is more reavealing you will wear it? I wonder how she feels about thong bikinis because technically, they?re not underwear. Her story: trying to stay strong in her beliefs. And there is absolutely nothing with that. But there is when it?s exploited for TV. I bet each photo shoot she will have an issue with wardrobe or the ?meaning? of the shoot.
  2. Camille McDonald (Cycle 2). I guess she holds the title for the first ?Typical Black Girl/Bitch on ANTM.? Actually, I liked Camille when her cycled aired. Maybe because I was a bigger bitch back then and I related to her. Her body is great and there?s no denying she?s gorgeous but I don?t think she is ?brand material? Her Role this season: Continuing to be the bitch. And sadly, she will play right into it. *sigh*
  3. Brittany Bower (Cycle 4). This is the only picture of Brittany?s that I considered truly ?model-looking.? I don?t know why she was brought back. Her role: NONE! She was the first to be voted off.
  4. Lisa D?Amato (Cycle 5). NO! NO! NO! NOOOO!!! She?s another one that shouldn?t have been brought back. On her cycle, she was obnoxious, annoying, and liked to tip the elbow a little too much if you know what I mean. Her love of alcohol landed her on Dr. Drew?s Celebrity Rehab. Her role: Battling with her ?inner demons? and the pressures of the house and how she is tempted to go back to her old, bad habits.
  5. Bre Scullark (Cycle 5). I love me some Bre!! I still think she was wronged on her season. Besides the whole ?Granola-Redbull Drama, Bre usually stayed clear of confrontation. Her role: She and Bianca are friends yet Bre did not tell Bianca she was coming on this cycle. I?m sure the producers had something to do with that. Her role: either she?ll be mediocre or they are going to try to pin her and Bianca against each other.
  6. Bianca Golden (Cycle 9). Another girl that fell into the ?Black Girl Stereotype.? I think she has a gorgeous face but is she ?brand-worthy?? No. She plays the ?mean girl? well and her attitude is bad. I remember Tyra mentioned on her short-lived talk show that if she had seen footage of the way Bianca was acting she would have been eliminated earlier. So why bring her back? Oh! Ratings. DUH!! Her role: see Bre.
  7. Dominique Reighard (Cycle 10): ?????Sorry, I paused for a moment. Don?t have much to say about her. She was another pot-stirrer and just plain aggravating. According to the judges, she comes off as very ?Tranny? in her photos. Her role: Too not be as Tranny-looking??
  8. Isis King (Cycle 11). Known more for her sex change than her modeling, Isis is all woman now! I like Isis. During her season you could tell that she struggled with certain shoots since she was still transgender and some of the clothing left nothing to the imagination. I think Isis could be very ?brand-worthy? For one, she is an advocate for those considering or have underwent a sex change. I think it?s going to take one big name company to want her and the rest will follow. Her role this season: To kick ass and take names!
  9. Sheena Sakai (Cycle 11). Sheena is another one that I considered ?brand-worthy.? On her cycle she was seen as the sex-pot and some of her poses were questionable but she is another one that steered away from the dramz unless she was sticking up for someone which is honorable. Her role this season: Hmmm?not quite sure. I don?t think she needs to change.
  10. Allison Harvard (Cycle 12). Umm?.why didn?t she win her season?? She has the ?Awkward Model? look down to a ?T?! Granted she was a little kooky (she was obsessed with nose bleeds. Ew!) but who isn?t.
  11. Laura Kirkpatrick (Cycle 13). Laura was your good ol? Farm Girl that knows how to castrates cows! A lot of her items were made a la Grandma. The execution of the clothing pieces was great but the styles? Eh! She looks like a younger Rachel Stewart. She has a great wholesome personality and could be made into a brand. Her role: Probably trying to be more knowledgeable about what?s mainstream. And personal style. She needs help.
  12. & 12. Kayla Ferrel and Alexandria Everett (Cycle 15 and Cycle 16). I had jumped ship by the time these cycles aired so I don?t know who these girls are. Apparently Alexandria was the ?bitch? on her cycle so her role this time will deal with her trying to be likable.
I was going to do include who I thought should have been chosen but this post is getting pretty long. I?ll back with my ?All Star Cast.?
Are you watching ANTM this season? Thoughts??


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