Nom Nom Nom: Mediterranean Couscous Salad/Tabouleh Amazingness

When I cook, I never follow the directions to a “T.” Personally, I think that?s pretty boring. Whenever I am searching for new recipe to try, I tend to look at several variations of it and come up with my own. I guess you can call it Hodge-Podge cooking.
Last night I made Mediterranean Couscous Salad/Tabouleh. There are numerous recipes online using more ingredients but I stuck with what was in my fridge and it turned out great.


I need to stop being a lazy bum and pull out my camera so I can have QUALITY pictures. *sighs*


I added the salad around the edges because in my search for a recipe I saw a picture that had them. I told this to my hubby and he laughed at me. Yet, he had no problem being my hand model.
This dish was so good! I will definitely be on heavy rotation in our house. I will most likely switch up the veggies that I add. Like I said, depends on what?s in the fridge.
Sorry, I don?t have exact measurements. I think I mentioned in another post that I have been cooking for so long I just ?know? how much of everything I need.
Try any new dishes lately??

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