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Another successful Carolina Bloggin? has come and gone. This year, Teowonna Clifton of  That Teowonna asked me to be a part of the planning committee and I was more than happy to help! I feel this year was even better than last year?s! Can?t wait for the next one (You hear me, Teowonna?). Unfortunately I didn?t get many pictures as I was ?working? but I am still going to give my recap:
1.Food: Gervais and Vine was absolutely great! Hospitality, food, attentiveness, willing to help?.A+ across the board!  Unfortunately, I didn?t get to try the main courses, shrimp and grits, pulled pork, and chicken skewers (As Teowonna says, ?She?s a NON-MEAT eater.? I would have indulged in the shrimp and grits but it had bacon?no bueno for me.), I did take some leftovers home to my husband and son and they loved it. I did make up for what I couldn?t have with their assortment of appetizers: hummus and pita bread, cheese assortments (one that had smoked salmon and capers in it?yum!), olives, fried artichoke?.Oh, the artichoke! So YUM! For desserts: mini ?clairs. Great because you can just pop them in your mouth. Bad because?.you can just pop them in your mouth. ?CLAIR OVERLOAD
2. Speakers: Alphonse FM shared tips on podcasting. These are the ones that stuck out to me: you may not be as entertaining as you think, don?t be cheap?.invest in good equipment, stay consistent.
Mr. Goodwill Hunting: This man is amazing! Everyone said they felt like they were taken to church! Things that stood out: Be yourself, don?t try to do what other bloggers are doing, and don?t attempt to be famous.
Brad Warthen: His topic was blogging as a compulsion. His blog is a political blog and I remember he stated he is not Team Republican or Team Democrat. Which I feel is important with a political blog because you want to get both points across without swaying the reader. His style of writing may also be due to him being a journalist (he used to work for The State Newspaper).
All the speakers had different topics but one thing stayed the same: Have a passion for blogging.
3.Carolina Bloggies: This year the Carolina Bloggies were added to the luncheon. They were hosted by Ebony Looney of Maker Me Over, Eb, and Chip Oglesby of  his self-titled blog, Chip Oglesby
The big winners were Pee Dee Foodie. They won Blogger of the Year. Along with Best Foodie Blog.

Other winners:
Best Political Blog: Brad Warthen
Best Lifestyle Blog: Hungry Meets Healthy
Best Beauty/Fashion Blog: The Shop Tart
Best Writing in a Blog: The Paper Apron
Best Business Blog: SWEET: A Cupake Company
Best Gossip/Entertainment Blog: The Flossip
Best Parenting/Mommy Blog: Blue-Eyed Bride
4. Sponsors: Thank you to Firefly Vodka and Gervais and Vine!
It was great to meet new bloggers and catch up with old ones. See you next year (ahem, Teowonna)!

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