Graphic Design Work: Book Club Logo (Decisions, Decisions)

My sister is in a book club titled, S.O.C.I.A.L which stands for Seeking Other Channels to Interact And Learn. They are getting t-shirts made and I came up with a few options for them. The requests: using different shades of colors in the blue and purple family and making the “I” a wine glass. Because they are a bunch of drunks! Just kidding………

The first options I came up with were 1 and 2.  Options 1 is self explanatory. A very simple logo with the range of colors they requested. Option 2 has the same colors but I shaped the words as a wine glass. One of the members of the club saw an image of a girl sitting on a chair reading a book. There is where option 3 comes in. I decided last minute to have the girl actually sitting on the name of the club itself. Option 4 is the one they like the best. The designer in me is always wanting to tweak things so I came up with option 5 this morning.

Which one would you chose?


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