Before and After: “Shoecase”

I want to start this post off by saying, I love Social Media! A couple of weeks ago, I Tweeted/Facebooked(is that even a word?) I needed a bookcase for my shoes. I wasn?t particularly asking for one, just making a statement. Thanks to Eb Looney of Make Me Over Eb, I got my shoecase!

She told me this use to belong to her husband?s mother and it was actually mounted in her closet. This goes to show you if something is made well and cared for properly, it will last a long time! It was perfect! Exactly what I needed. But, I did need to add my own personal touch to it. I usually paint everything black but this time I went with a different color.

Fuzzy pics….sorry. I need to get another battery for my “good” camera.

I love the way it turned out! My shoes look so much cuter on display!

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