Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Saturday morning I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 and I was flipping excited! Like ?a kid on Christmas Eve? excited! Before I saw the movie I saw a picture of the wedding invitations.

BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! To me anyways. I mean, Edward, you write in Calligraphy! At least put your skills to use and write you and and Bella?s name in script. Then take those bad boys to get letterpressed. Alice, aren?t you a skilled artist?? Draw the scene of the wedding, you already know what it?s going to look like since you know, you got the whole ?I can see the future? thing going on. OK. Rant?s over?.for now.
The wedding scene: GAWJUS!! The dress: PERFECTION! Side note: Kristen Stewart is one Skinny Minnie! Not going to lie, I almost wanted to cry. I love weddings?.and love. Despite the fact that she is marrying a vampire, the scene was very real: happiness, tears of joy, nerves, jitters?.all the feelings you get when you are walking down the aisle.
The Honeymoon: About damn time!! That is all.
The rest of the movie? Uh?.it was kind of fast and slow. Something great would really happen then it would slow down again. Maybe I was just watching it in anticipation and just wanted to see everything that occurs in the book right now now NOW!
Birth scene: happened different in the book. But you know they have to make things more dramatic for the movies.
Waiting for Bella to finally become a vamp: hurry the eff up! So drawn out!
Of course the acting was par but none of us are seeing this movie for the acting. There was some cheesy parts. Hello, talking werewolves! Yes, I have read the book and I know that is how they communicate but seeing it portrayed on the big screen just made me want to laugh. But I refrained. There were some hardcore Team Jacob pre-teens in the theatre and I would have seriously been outnumbered if anything went down.
Final thoughts: 3.5 stars out of 5. Overall I did enjoy it and I will see it again.
Not getting excited about the next film as I will have to wait a whole FREAKING YEAR! So for now, my next book-turned-into-a-movie-obsession will be with The Hunger Games.

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  • *Sweet Nina*

    You must have read my mind! I am right there on everyhing. I even told Ben I thought it was really cheesy but I love the idea of watching a good book played out in a movie too much to not see it.

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