This and That

  1. How come when you Google ?How to alleviate headaches naturally? you only get ways to prevent them?! Not helpful.
  2. I had the hardest time getting into The Carrie Diaries. I found the book kind of drawn out. Much like the series.
  3. I did finish Sugar and Spice, completing the LA Candy Series. Review to come soon.
  4. Now I?m on to a stack of Nicholas Sparks book.Starting with The Guardian.I plan to be very emotional the next couple of weeks.
  5. Did some thrifting with Ebony of Make Me Over Eb. This week she is focusing on home improvement. Emphasis on how to stage a home for selling.
  6. The Walking Dead is still rocking my world!
  7. Finally finished Supernatural on Netflix and can watch the current season. Now it?s on to True Blood.
  8. I made this cake for a 1st birthday party.   

 I went off a picture from a cell phone and hoped for the best! I took cake decorating classes because I wanted to be able to make the cakes for son?s birthdays. I will also make for friends and family so I can get practice. I was told everyone loved it and that makes me happy.
9. I watched the trailer for The Hunger Games and got Chills. C H I L L S!

You can read my review on the series here.

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