The Walking Dead

I had a completely different post ready for today but after watching the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, I had to write about it and the show in general. There are a few shows that I have vested my life into (and yes that is dramatic but it?s true). Shows included: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed, and Supernatural. I have now added The Walking Dead to that list. Now when I say I vest myself into these shows I mean I will watch an episode and it will have a crazy effect on me. I will think about it for days. For example, Buffy. There are certain episodes that will still make me cry: Prom when Buffy is awarded as Class Protector, the episode when Angel tries to kill himself but it starts snowing in Sunnydale, Jenny Calendar getting killed by Angel and Giles saying he has buried many but she is the first he loved, Buffy breaking up with Angel and he asks, ?Are you still my girl?? to which she replies, ?Always.?  Chisels at my icy heart. Back to The Walking Dead. The mid-season finale made my heart drop. I watched the last minute of the show my hand over my mouth, tears streaming from my eyes aghast at what was happening. Here?s the Deal (spoiler alert!!): During the first episode of the season, one of the children in the group, Sophia, went missing which caused the group to stay behind to look for her. They find ?safety? and shelter at near by barn that was being occupied by the owner Hershel and his family?.what was left of them. After a few episodes we find out Hershel is hoarding Walkers in his barn. Wouldn?t that make great special episode? Hoarders: Zombies. Hershel doesn?t want to get kill the Walkers because they are/were family and friends. The group eventually finds out about this and they are pretty much like, ?Say what?!? After emotions being held in and pretty much being tired of the BS, Shane decides that he is going to open the barn and there is open range firing squad on killing zombies. Right when you think they have them all, you hear one last Walker. At first, I thought it was Hershel?s wife and Shane was going to try to shoot her but Hershel would?ve shot him first. Oh, no! Guess who it was????? SOPHIA!! The first part of the whole season has been around this girl and finding her and she has been in the barn THE ENTIRE TIME!!! The whole time I’ve watched this season thinking she would be alive. Or even if she was found she would be dead or maybe one person would find her, killer her and then retell the story. Nope, the whole gang was there! Rick whose alpha male status was being challenged did what had to be done. He put Sophia down. Also, he felt responsible for Sophia being lost (now dead). Unfortunately the show is taking a 10-week hiatus but it still leaves me with questions. The main one being did Hershel know about Sophia the whole time and that is why he wanted the group to leave quickly?
I love this show.

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