Choosing a Midwife/Birthing Center

Before I got pregnant, I knew I wanted my pregnancy and labor to be absolute natural. Meaning: no drugs at all (Epidural, Pitocin, Nubain, the meds they give you post-labor, or even taking Tylenol for a headache). I started to research the previous hospital where I had my son and was disappointed to find they didn?t have any information about how to have a natural birth in a hospital setting. Around the same time as I was researching, a friend on Facebook posted pictures of her water birth. I thought ?this is perfect!? Quickly I went to Google and searched for places in Columbia, SC and found that there is only one: Covenant Birth Center. While still in the ?planning stages? i.e not pregnant, I called CBC to ask them a few questions. Not even being a patient of theirs and already they were so helpful! They told me how I would come in for a consultation where they would ask me questions (to ensure I was ?low-risk? and could deliver at a birthing center), get a tour of the birthing center, and meet the midwives. I asked them about vitamins to take and they suggested Rainbow Light Prenatal One. I did ask other questions but can?t remember what.

Once I got pregnant again (after the ? “other time”? and felt this one was ?sticking”), I called CBC to set up my consultation. There is a fee for the consultation but if you choose them as your midwives it goes towards your final balance. Unfortunately, midwives still have to fight for their rights?..to paaaaaartay!!! Just kidding!! But they do have to fight to get the same treatment/recognition that major hospitals receive. Mainly, insurance. Thankfully my husband insurance covers a majority of the cost but there are others that don?t recognize them causing one to pay out of pocket. But, I have heard about some obscene hospital bills people get after having a baby and you are better off with a midwife, in my opinion. What you pay covers all your visits, labor, and post-delivery check-ups.

One other thing, I told them I was a blogger and asked if it was OK to blog about my experience. They were absolutely fine with it. Personally, I have tried to find blogs/sites that give you the breakdown of what happens during each appointment and was not able to find one so I plan to blog about my midwifery experience hoping it can help someone with their decision to chose either a birthing center or hospital setting.

When I got there, I was asked to fill out some forms. You know, the same ?ol information you have to fill out whenever you go somewhere new. Once that was finished, I was taken on a tour of the birthing center. They have 2 rooms that you can choose between to have your birth and items available to help during labor (tub, medicine ball, and I can?t remember the name but it?s some type of swing that you actually get it and can deliver the baby in squatting position.) During labor I am able to walk around, eat, have as many friends and family available.

Once my tour was finished, I met with Lisa Byrd, Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife who is the Director of Covenant Birth Center. I later met Alexandra Wagner, Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife who was coming from a home birth.

Lisa looked over the forms and answers to questions. She asked me about my diet and I told her that I was a pescatarian (but have been disgusted by fish. Except for smoked salmon bagels and those are a big NO-NO during pregnancy! Surprisingly, I have been craving meat, mainly burgers and steaks, possibly because I have low iron and my sub conscious is telling me something? Who knows.)

I told her I work out regularly and plan to continue to do so. She asked if I had any major health issues myself and within my family. I told her I struggle with Depression which can cause PPD (Post-Partum depression to be even worse for me. I?ve also discovered I have Prenatal Depression but I?ll save that story for another post. )

Once she was finished with her question portion, I was given the A-OK!! I was low-risk and could have my birth au naturale! Now, it was time for me to ask the questions. Being very thorough, I had my questions typed and I was ready to go.

As this post is getting a bit too long, I will share them tomorrow?.

Fore more information:
Covenant Birth Center
1900-A Sunset Blvd. Suite A,
West Columbia, SC 29169
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