I Need a Dream Interpreter

I have had some funky dreams lately. Today I wanted to share two of them because I feel like they were entertaining enough to share.

First Dream: I was being chased by either Jason, Michael Myers, or Freddy Kruegger. I can’t remember which one right now. It could have been Michael Myers. I have had dreams of him chasing me before. I love the Halloween movies….maybe a little too much. They are chasing a few people and we all run into this house. It’s daytime, which is weird, since most of the killers tend to kill at nighttime. There are a few people on a back deck keeping lookout while the rest of us (mainly girls) and we are talking about the most trivial things ever. Things like “Yeah there’s a killer after us but check out my mani/pedi!”
I decide to go outside to the front where others are keeping watch. The house is on the wise on its secluded and there’s a front deck. When I get out there I see that where the ground use to was now flooded, Waterworld style. I walk to a lower part of the deck and I see former coworkers talking having a good time and watching dolphins swim by. Not only is there dolphins but there is a shark in the water as well. A dolphin decides to approach us we go to pet it. Next thing I know, the dolphin clamps down on my hand an pulls me in the water! I started to flip out in fear the shark would come to get me.

I made myself wake up before I was shark bait.

Second Dream: I just given birth to a little girl. Me and the hubs were getting ready to put our new daughter(!) in the car and the carseat wouldn’t click to the base. After getting flustered and frustrated, the hubs suggested that I just down the carseat on the base he would drive really slow. Halfway home I told him this didn’t feel right so I got out of the car with our daughter in the carseat and walked the rest of the way home.

My thoughts: I love horror movies, I love sharks, I have been playing Jaws and Jaws revenge on the iPhone a lot lately, and I really want a daughter(never thought I would).

My subconscious is working overtime and is seriously effing with my dreams. And sleep.

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