Midwife Questions: Part One

I had planned to do one post with all the questions I asked my midwife but once I started filling in the answers along with my afterthoughts it was starting to look more like a book report. I asked 24 questions and will be breaking them down into 3 parts. Here is the first one!
Midwife?s answer will be in bold and my afterthoughts will be italicized.

1. How do midwives differ from OB?s?
When it comes to midwifery vs. medical, no one is better than the other. Midwives believe in you ?taking back your pregnancy.? They will provide you with the pros and cons of options and it is up to you to decide what you think is best for your pregnancy. I recently watched The Business of Being Born and loved it. It was such an eye opener. Whether you plan to have kids or not, I suggest you check it out.  Even though I had my son ?naturally (not a c-section),? I felt like I was robbed of having the best natural pregnancy possible. In no way am I blaming this on the hospital. I should have taken the time to research more. Although, I was also planning a wedding so my mind was allover the place.

2. What techniques do you use that are different?
The time spent withtheir patients. The average OB visit is six minutes. With a midwife it could bean hour. I have noticed that I am more engaging with my midwife. I feel more comfortable and am able to open upmore. I can tell them about my depression and they won?t tell me to ?just suck it up.? I have read plenty of forums/testimonials in which you would have thought some women?s OB were the spawn of Satan. The wait time is much less. Again, this is probably a more personal experience. I am not sure. I have not and cannot visit every birth center/midwife.

3. Since I am planning to have my birth fully natural and I have been looking into Hypno Birthing, do you suggest any books/DVD?s?
There is a library in the birthing center and you are allowed to check out books/dvds. Classes are offered. One of them is Birthing from Within and is taught by Kristen DuBard who is apprenticing to become a Doula. There are no local places that offer Hypnobirthing classes. The closest places are Charleston, Beaufort, and RockHill.
This is another time when I want to scream, ?COME ON COLUMBIA!!! GET WITH IT!!? I have been watching videos and have read plenty of birth stories and have come to the conclusion that you can do all the breathing exercises you want but when the pain comes it comes! Then there are those women who said they felt nothing at all. From the research I?ve done, hypnobirthing and other meditative exercises are not miracle workers and won?t take the pain away but they will help decrease/eliminate the anxiety/fear that a woman may feel during labor. We can thank the horror stories we hear from other moms and how birth is depicted on TV. Also, I tried to find books from the local library on books about natural birth, hypnobirthing,hypnosis, and have had no luck. BOO! Well, the library had some but they were more focused on having the best natural birth possible in a hospital setting.

4. I have been and plan to exercise/workout throughout the whole pregnancy. Do you have suggestions on workouts that may help during labor?
No ab work. ?Working out? the abs during pregnancy (workouts, sitting straight up from bed, etc) may cause you to develop  Diastasis recti(aseparation between the left and right side of the rectus abdominis muscle,which covers the front surface of the belly area.) and since I have had a miscarriage it would be best for me to stay awayfrom ab work.  Walking builds stamina and  helps prevent ?tears,? squats(since I may deliver in a ?squatting position?), andYoga-type positions (just no abs).
I?ve decided to focus on the arms and legs only. I try to walk with my son everyday and pushing him in the stroller up the hills is a workout. I still run. I love running. I usually hit a lot of hills when I run so that helps build/keep strength in my legs. Also, when I was pregnant with my son my OB didn?t give me any restrictions on my workouts. She suggested that after the first trimester to use a exercise ball for workouts that I usually do on my back. If you had a exercise regimen before you got pregnant, make sure to tell your OB/Midwife. If you didn?t ask them for suggestions on how to start one.

5. How safe it is to eat/drink peanut items while pregnant(almond milk, PB2)?
Absolutely fine. The more raw, the better. Raw Almond Butter is better.
I use PB2(for my oatmeal) and when I do have a hankering fora PB&J, the peanut butter I use is all natural/organic.

6. I have heard that Midwives do not use ultrasounds. Howare complications determined?
Just because something is frequently used it does not mean it?s OK. When getting an ultrasound it heats the fatty tissue in the baby, which happens to be their brain.  This is another situation in which you chose what is best for you and your baby. If you want you can go and get an ultrasound with another physician/OB.  95% of pregnancies are normal(as is no major complications) and usually when one has an ultrasound it is to detect problems and whether or not they want to abort their child. Majority of women that go to midwives are not in the mentality of aborting the pregnancy.
I am absolutely fine with not getting an ultrasound. I lucked out with getting one with my son and getting pictures and video of him moving because I was MUCH further along thanI expected. I assumed I was only 8 weeks?.try 18! I have discussed it with my husband and we don? t see the necessity for one. I will state that when I have told people I am not getting an ultrasound they are confused. They start asking how will I know if something is wrong, it?s careless, BLAH BLAH BLAH!! First off, ultrasounds cannot determine everything. Besides, my last OB only provided ONE ultrasound that was insured so even if everything was OK the first timearound it doesn?t mean something couldn?t have developed later.

7. I have been feeling a little nauseous. I heard that seeping ginger and making a tea helps. Are there any other methods? Brewing ginger tea(tastes like warm ginger ale), red raspberry leaf tea (can be found at health stores as a looseleaf tea), protein in every meal and chewing raw almond will help keep the nausea at bay.
After the consultation ,I wasn?t getting nauseous anymore but my husband wasn?t feeling so hot one day and I made him the ginger tea. He said it really helped him.  I have been a nut eating fool. I can only do so much of almonds before they put a bad taste in my mouth.

8. I know that most doctors say that Tylenol is safe to take during pregnancies but I want to stay away from taking any medication (except for my vitamins). Do you have any ways that help alleviate headaches?
Headaches can becaused from dehydration, caffeine, lack of caffeine-your body starts to screamfor the drug. Drink plenty of water, use homeopathic belladonna (not the poisonous stuff!), or take a toothpick, dab it in cayenne pepper and sniff?ithelps knock out migraines.
I haven?t been getting headaches as much to try any of these. I am a terrible sleeper (I believe Ihave insomnia but it could be due to my depression and being a big fat stressball!) so when I do feel a headache coming on I will try to take a nap or eatsomething. I also heard that if you grind a lemon and place it on your foreheadit helps alleviate headaches.



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