Thank Goodness It's Over

This has been the worst Christmas…..ever! It has nothing do with not getting what I want……I don’t even ask for things anymore. Well, I asked my parents for a popcorn maker and I got it….HAPPY!! I’m talking about how I didn’t feel the “spirit.”

1. Driving from house to house(while it’s cold and rainy) to see everyone that you see year round “just because it’s Christmas” is not my ideal of a good day. Actually, I am not a fan of obligations of having to see people.
2. Stressing myself and waking up around 5am on Christmas day wondering how to rearrange our home so I can make space for all the unnecessary stuff my son got. I appreciate that he has family remembers that want to “shower him with gifts” but I would appreciate or even more if they respected our wishes and kept the gift buying to a minimum.
3. After talking to other family members, I realized that I am not the only one that is tired of the hustle and bustle of holidays. No one seems to truly enjoy them anymore because you have to go to place A, B, C, and D.
4. Not everyone has to deal with this. Matter of fact, I didn’t have to deal with it growing up. Another reason why I love Military Life(now): on Christmas day it was only me, my brother and sites and our parents. We would open our gifts on the morning and have the rest of the day to play with them. I would go outside and see my friends and we would talk about and play with our new gifts. Maybe that night or within the next few days, the whole family would go over to another family’s and there would be a party. Parents downstairs, kids upstairs. It was fun. Why? Because we wanted to be there. There was no pressure of trying to please people.
5. This Christmas I also learned that there are some people that truly only care about themselves. I could elaborate more but that is a whole post in itself.
6. As soon as the clock hit 12:00 for December 26th…..I felt my mood change. That morning I did a little retail therapy. Favorite purchase? New yarn!! I have been a knitting fiend lately!

7. Rant over. I truly hope that everyone enjoyed their holidays regardless of why you did. Whether it was with family, by yourself….as long as you were happy, that’s all that matters.

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