When your cake balls fall apart on you, make sugar cookies……..

……And when your dog eats the cookies just say the ?Hell with it!? True story. My dog got through gift wrapping, cookie boxes, and saran wrap to get to 24 sugar cookies.

First, a little back story. My theme for my holiday cards this year was pink, blue, and sprinkles. Pink and blue because we are having a baby so we the cards were also an announcement and sprinkles because I learned after your first child the other ones are called ?Sprinkle Babies.?
I had the concept for the photo shoot, the wording (Hope your Holiday is Sprinkled with love!), an idea for ornaments and the treats that would go along with it.

The Photo Shoot: It went well. I don?t like pictures of me at all so after a little Photoshop love I decided on a picture that was good enough.
The Cards: After a lot of trial and error, they came out looking great. Except, somehow they printed larger than the envelopes I had so all the time I spent addressing envelopes went down the drain. Feeling defeated I decided to wrap the cards like scrolls and tie them with a ribbon.
The Ornaments: At first I was going to do stripes but I did not like the way they were coming out. So I repainted all the ornaments got some cotton ball and started to lightly dab on the ornaments with the blue paint. Once those were dried, I added the glitter(the sprinkle part of the ornament).


The Treats: Oy! The treats. I wanted to do cake balls. And sprinkle them with blue and pink sprinkles.These were going great then the candy started to harden on me and the cake balls started to fall apart. (I learned from a FB Friend to add a little butter or oil to help keep the candy softer for a little longer)

A bit peeved but I tried to move on: Sugar Cookies!

Once the cookies were cooled and sprinkled, it was time to wrap them and put them in the boxes I had. The boxes were a bit flimsy so the wrapping was a bitch. But I still embellished and kept on going.

Only Picture I have of everything finished. *SIGHS*

I was only able to deliver a few of them until my dog, who I will now call Destroyer, came and lived up to his new name.
Suffice to say, I do not like my dog right now. I don?t care if that is wrong to say but that is how I feel. My dog is on my Shit List.
A few other ?fun? things that happened yesterday:
broke a pair of glasses
-stepped on a wine glass.
I really need a Do Over for the last two weeks.

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