Can Toddlers Have Insomnia?


This is the question I asked myself around 4:30 the other morning after my son had woken us up and 1.5 hours later he and I were still up while hubby was back asleep. Our son didn?t even show any signs of being sleepy. He didn’t go to bed early. Matter of fact he went to bed past his bedtime. Once 5 AM rolled around and I realized that he wasn?t going back to bed (He started asking for oatmeal.) I asked myself, ?Does my son have insomnia??
With my phone already handy (I always start browsing the web and my apps when I wake up in the middle of the night) I started to Google ?insomnia? ?toddlers.? I really didn?t find anything for my son?s age (2 almost 3). There were reports for children aged 6-12 and said they can suffer from insomnia the same way/reasons adults suffer: stress, unexpected change, anxiety, etc.
The biggest thing my son has to stress about it is what toy he?s going to play with for the day.
Maybe I?m being paranoid but I do know that mental diseases can be passed down to your children and since I am about as messed up as they come I closely monitor the behaviors/actions of my son.
So, for now my questions goes unanswered. I will do more research. Maybe when I am more well rested. Yeah, right.

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