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?I think you?re hot. Even if you have tissue hanging from your nose?
-My husband
Well, that?s good. Because it?s the look I?ve had for about a week. At first I thought I was having flu like symptoms that would quickly go away but after a week I am going to go ahead and say it?s the flu. Normally I wouldn?t mind being sick. Actually, I do mind. I use to pride myself on not getting sick then I had my son and came and sucked out of me the superpower that prevented me from feeling like crap! It?s bothersome to me because I have a little person inside of me depending on my nutrients. Nutrients I can?t really provide right now because I don?t feel like eating. Also,since I am on this whole ?no taking medication during this pregnancy? kick, I have been trying to self-medicate the natural way. Hot water with lemon and honey, lots of fluid, just dealing with it. I have a humidifier that I plan to use with drops of lavendar and peppermint oil added but I keep forgetting to set it up and once I hit the bed I have been pretty useless. Hot showers have been amazing for my breathing but between the time I get out the shower and get dressed my nose is clogged back up again. Going outside for fresh air helps but then I start to feel light-headed and head back in.
I bet underneath my growing belly I have some amazing abs forming. My midsection is putting in some crazy overtime.  Every time I get a ?cough attack? I resemble how a fish looks when it?s flopping around trying to breathe. Speaking of breathing, sleeping and breathing through your mouth sucks. Sneezing may be worse. Just by a little. I have to brace myself every time a sneeze comes because I know it?s going to hurt. Also, how can your nose be runny and stuffy at the same time?!?
I?m over it. Completely over being sick. I was over it before it even began. Even though the hubs likes the ?tissue in the nose? look I rather find another way to keep him intrigued.

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