That is how long I have to wait before I can donate blood. Actually, I have never planned to give blood?.unless someone in my family needed it. I have ?bad veins” and it is really hard for them to find a good one to get the blood so it?s a lot of sticking until the right one is found. Or thumping my arm like it?s being punished. Not good experiences.
My generous sister (Bwahahaha! Just kidding!) wanted to donate. She couldn?t the first time because her iron was too low; a problem that I have as well. The next time she goes to give blood she fills out a questionnaire. Side note: I thought this story was going to end in her telling me she was pregnant. It didn?t. One of the questions ask if she lived in any European states between 1980-1996. Which we did. My father was in the military and we lived in Germany.
This has caused our whole family to be branded INDEFINITELY. Why? Possible exposure to Mad Cow Disease.
And to think, I thought my tattoos were my big reason for not being able to give.

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