Midwife Questions: Part Three

Last set of questions. Part one and two can be read here.

17. If I?m having twins, what is your experience?
Not allowed by regulation for twins or breeches. You do not want to go to a midwife that does not have experience with delivering twins. If you are having a home birth and you get the OK by a physician and are low risk and with the help of a midwife, it might be OK.
I?m not having twins.

18. What if my baby does not ?turn?? What can be done to help?
Around 26-27 week check-up, if the baby hasn?t turned there are some positions and holistic 
methods that can be used.

19. Do you have a maximum number of births/clients you will attend toper year monthly?
With 2 midwives this has not been an issue.

20.How will you consider if I am high risk?
Physician will determine
I have to go to Manning,SC to go see a physician. Well I don?t have to go but if I want that visit covered under my insurance I do. There is a physician that comes to the birthing center???not sure how often but I would have to pay out of pocket. I think it?s sad I have to go so far for a physician that will work with them. Not their (CBC or Physician) fault. At all.

21. Are there any situations in which you will induce labor?
Midwives can help you deliver anytime between 37-42 weeks. Again, there are herbal, homeopathic techniques to help bring on labor.

22. Thoughts on circumcision?
Not pro-circumcision. There have been no reports or studies that shows it?s needed.
This is another personal choice. I know if I have another boy, I will circumcise.

23. How active do you allow the partners to be during the birth process?
As active as you want them to be

24. What is your policy on guests during labor?
You can have whomever you want there.
My husband and I discussed it and the only people there will be me (duh!), him, and our son.

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  • Tameika

    You asked so many great questions! Thanks for sharing. I already took your prenatal pill suggestion, or rather the midwife's suggestion, and started taking Rainbows. We're not yet TTC, but I think we will later this year.

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