Midwife Questions: Part Two

Part one can be seen here. Again, their responses in bold, my afterthoughts italicized.
9. Do you have suggestions on clean products/items that should be used during and post partum pregnancy? Any ideas on homemade cleaning products?
White vinegar and water, baking soda/salt.
I already used these items to clean our house. I also add lemon to my vinegar/water mixture. I like to use baking soda to ?scrub? things that need a little more elbow grease.
10. Suggestions on which cheeses to avoid while pregnant?
Unpasteurized and soft cheeses: queso (Mexican cheese), feta
Honestly, at this point I stopped listening. Queso I can do without. But FETA?!?! FETA?!?! I love feta cheese. I don?t like to use dressings on my salad so feta cheese and tomatoes became my ?dressing.? I don?t like other cheeses on my salad so I have started using olive oil and vinegar.
11. How many assistants are available with you during the birth?
At the Birth Center: 2 required and possible 1 assistant (patient?s choice)
Home Birth: 1 midwife and 1 assistant (optional)
12. Is there a back up plan just in case you are not able to make it to my birth?
With 2 midwives and 1 apprentice, not an issue.
13. What is the procedure you practice post birth? Umbilical cord cutting (do you wait until it has stop pulsing), the placenta, if there is tear, etc.? Cleaning the baby, bulb suction, weighing the baby?
Main concern is the mother and child bonds immediately. Cleaning and weighing are low priority. The umbilical cord will not be cut until it is finished pulsing; usually at least 3 minutes but it can be 5-10 minutes. Episiotomies are not performed.Your body naturally takes/tear the path of least resistant. DHEC does not allow Midwives to do repairs.
I don?t know if this is TMI but I did not have an episiotomy and I pushed at 8 centimeters so I am not worried about repairs and the tears (I just rhymed!). I read an article that showed how long it took for the umbilical cord to stop pulsing and how it looked once it was completely dried out. My son had jaundice and had to stay an extra day to be placed in the Bili bed. I wonder if they held out on cutting the cord if it could have been prevented. Maybe I should have done research and spoke up about it. At that time things were very rush rush. I believe I was the 3rd or 4th delivery that day.
14. If I chose to have my birth at home, what is the procedure? How long will you wait before you come?   What items should I have in advance?
Take vitamin C, 1000mg every day (this can be made up between vitamins and food). You will buy a home birthing kit.
Birthing at birth center: Some laboring will be done at home. Give the midwives a heads up call and from there you will be contacted every couple of hours. Once it?s time to be checked in, dilation will be checked. You have to be at least 4cm and beyond.
I?ll be having the little one at the birthing center. I think,for now. I have read other blogs and birth stories and did not realize that you can actually labor for days! I also learned that my water breaking may not be the ?sign? to show that I am in labor  as I have seen in other videos that sometimes your water has to be broken for you. Not going to lie, don?t know if I can do labor and contraction pains for days. Better start meditation.
15. Are we able/allow to do whatever we want during labor? Eat, read a book, play games, walk around Sit/lay in certain positions?
Yes. Can do whatever we want, within safety. The midwife will do fetal monitoring throughout the labor and delivery!
WOO HOO!! I get to eat! I get to eat!! I also get to walk around, squat, and do whatever it takes to help subdue the pain.
16. How long have you been practicing?
10 years

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