During this pregnancy is just not happening. I have always had a hard time sleeping through the night but lately it has been ridiculous. Most nights I?ve been falling asleep around 10 or 11pm and I?m up around 3 or 4am. When I wake up I am completely restless. I am having the craziest dreams?.which I think have to do with me being restless. The dreams are so realistic I wake up scared, angry, or completely confused. It seems that everything I think about during the day (even if it?s just for a nanosecond) finds a way into my dreams. That subconscious can be a beyotch! I?ve been falling asleep at the most random times. Folding clothes, watching a movie/tv show. browsing the internet?..I doze off. I?m usually half-awake half-asleep and I find that I am having random conversations with myself or someone. Of course, I did some research and found that during pregnancy your hormones are working over-time and your dreams tend to be more vivid. The dreams are more memorable because you are constantly waking up due to the bathroom trips, moving baby, or just being uncomfortable. Ugh. 20 more weeks of this.

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