Maternity shoots…..yay or nay??

So??I hate taking pictures. I hate the way I look. Every time I take a picture I am looking at my flaws. Or I should say the flaws in my head because clearly people aren?t seeing what I see. When I got married I didn?t do an engagement shoot because that?s just not the type of couple we are. I have seen some E-sessions in which they are very creative and I think, ?That?s so me!? but that feeling only lasts for a minute. It even.
I am not a picture person in general. I don?t like them hanging in the house. I have a box where I keep all my photos. When I?m ready to be nostalgic, I take out the box look at the pictures, place them back in the box and store them away.
I do like taking pictures of my son and thanks to my lovely iPhone, I am able to take them and scroll through whenever I want to.
With this pregnancy, I am trying to keep an open mind. This includes me taking maternity shots. I?m definitely not one to take a weekly picture of my belly. That?s just not my thing. But I am contemplating do a maternity shoot. If If I decide to do one I?m sure it will be the most awkward thing ever. I am not going to do the heart symbol with my hand, I won?t look lovingly down at my belly, and my husband definitely won?t be doing any shots in which he?s kissing my belly. So, what would I do? Just stand there?? I?ve recently found a new (to me) blog, Ascot Friday. I love this blog! While Laura (of Ascot Friday) was pregnant with her second child, she did a maternity shoot and I absolutely love the pictures. A few of my favorite shots:

I?m thinking I might do one and not show them to anyone. But just to have as a keepsake. I sent a text to my husband earlier this morning asking him what he thought about it and he said, ?I am behind whatever you decide to do.?

I hope he doesn?t mean that literally:

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  • Judy

    Hah! I didn't get any professional ones done, but I did take a few myself and let the husband snap a few. My favorite one to this day is a self-portrait I snapped using a mirror. It's crazy to see how big the belly was!

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