Midwife Visits So far….

Have been the same compared to when I saw my doctor. Actually, my visits are longer with the midwives and it’s not because I am waiting longer. Each time I go, we discuss what I’m eating, if I’m exercising, how’s my sleep, water intake, kegel exercises, and my depression. During one visit I met with Kristen Dubard, she teaches Birthing from Within Classes. She is apprenticing at CBC to become a midwife. I said it was OK for an apprentice to assist during my delivery so she may be present at mine. When I met with Kristen, she gave me a packet full of information: nutrition, exercise, affirmations, taking care of yourself postpartum, breastfeeding, newborn testing, magazines, catalogs, calming your baby, and much more. Instead of saying, “Here’s your packet. Read it when you can.” she went through each page with me. Not in detail but enough for me to understand. Some things I already knew but it was still comforting to have them take so much time.

One visit I dreaded was getting my blood taken. UGH! I have “bad veins.” You can poke, slap, and prod and not one of my veins will pop up. I have had too many experiences in the past when my vein has been missed. NOT FUN! So that visit consisted of me getting poked….alot. Instead of making me go through more torture, my midwives sent me to LabCorp to get my blood taken.

During my most recent visit, I told my midwife that I was bit more depressed than usual and I asked her about  Primrose Oil. I had read about another blogger taken it to help with their Seasonal Depression. Then I also read Primrose Oil can help bring on labor.  My midwife told me Primrose Oil helps softens the cervix and “melts it away” preparing your body to deliver. Being that I am only 24 weeks, that is not an option. Instead, she suggested I take Vitamin D3. She gave me the reason about I maybe lacking Vitamin D due to less sun and being black (takes longer for sun to penetrate us). Honestly it all got jumbled together because she mentioned that she could send me back to Lab Corp to get my blood taken. After I heard that my brain got clouded and was filled with fear of needles. I do remember her saying that I can take a higher dosage of D3 than recommended.

The following day I picked up some Vitamin D3. I got the one with 400IU’s. I take two in the morning and 2 at night. I take more than the average person is needed but my body is depleted! I need to be happy. Depression is a bitch!

My next visit is my glucose test and guess what??? No orange crap for me!!! All I have to do is start fasting at midnight, see my midwife the next morning and get tested!!

I will say when I had to get tested with my son, the drink wasn’t that bad. My doctor allowed me to take it home and I kept in in the fridge for the whole month. It was very cold and easy to drink. If you do have to drink it I would ask your doctor if you could take it home. Drinking it before your visit also cuts your wait time.

Oh! One more thing. I have low iron (like I need anymore issues, right?!) so it was suggested that I start taking Blood Builder:

Couldn’t they have picked a better name? It gives me a bad visual. 

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