Shower and Baths

Have been my best friends lately. For 25 years I took these bad boys for granted. While everyone was telling me to get some rest before the baby comes (Which is not great advice. You won?t rest.You will be doing a lot of peeing. And having crazy nightmares. And your little one will be kicking the life out of your inside giving you reason to want to ground them?..for life) they should tell you to take as many baths and showers as your heart desires (And skin can handle. Don?t want to get too prune-y!). When I had my son, my sacred bath time became another job. I would pull his bouncy seat into the bathroom with me, leave the shower curtain half open and direct the shower head towards the wall so the water wouldn?t splash on him. Maybe this wasn?t necessary but I was a new mom, nursing, and I would pick him up every time he cried. Very exhausting but??.I wouldn?t change a thing. As he got older he started to ask to come in the shower with me. Yes, I let my son shower with me. So does daddy. Agree or not, I really don?t care. It?s what we do. MOVING ON! Now that I am pregnant again, I am trying to get my ?me time? whenever. I can?t nap like I use to when I was pregnant with my son because HELLO! I have to watch him! Since no naps, showers and baths have topped the list. Best part for me? The warmness of the water! Such a great feeling. I don?t even like relaxing in the bath. I like when the tub is filling up and I can place my feet underneath the faucet??BEST. FEELING. EVAH!! I have about 18 more weeks before the little one makes their debut. Once they come I may have to succumb to using baby wipes to clean myself. Just kidding! Hopefully?. Until then?.I?m going to get my ?me time? in whenever I can.

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