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are Baby/Parenting Forums. Just like most pregnant women, I like to keep track of how my baby is developing weekly. An app on my phone makes it even more convenient. I don?t remember why/how it happened but I was browsing the forums to see if there would be any good advice. Um??these women do not hold back. The things I have read!

One woman?s husband is a teacher and apparently he has been texting back and forth with a student. The wife was more upset about the fact the student used bad grammar in her texts when she should be upset about her husband texting with a student!!! But! The plot thickens. Someone on the forum tracked down who this person was because apparently the complaining wife used to sign her name and blog at the end of each post she wrote. Once they were tracked down a call was made to the school and the husband was suspended. Not really sure what happened as the wife only came back onto the forum to say ?Make sure you don?t sign your name. My husband got suspended!? This chick is seriously delusional.

Another pregnant woman had an issue with her family because her younger sister was pregnant as well and felt like she was getting as much attention with her pregnancy.The youngest got mad because they were planning a baby shower for the older one. By the way, the younger sister is 16. Yup. Instead of freaking out their 16 year old daughter is pregnant they are too busy trying to cater to her needs.

Some women ask for name suggestions and want to know what others think. ?What do you think of Rose for a girl? Too old fashioned?? ?Help! I need a middle name!? Um, why in the hell are you asking strangers for their opinion?! Personally, I don?t care what anyone thinks of the names I picked.

The ones when women find out (or don?t) of the gender are hilarious. ?My husband is ?Team Green!? He doesn?t want to find out and I agreed but I can?t take it anymore! Is it wrong to go behind his back and find out anyways?? ?We weren?t able to find out what we were having because our baby wasn?t cooperating. This is the last ultrasound our doctor will give us. I?ve been crying all day! I may go to this other place that does 4D Ultrasounds to find out the sex.? ?My husband isn?t talking to me because he thinks I?m upset we are having another boy!? This???I don?t get the big deal. Maybe it?s because I have no desire to find out I?m having but shouldn?t these women just be happy their baby is healthy?

Some post are really sad. There have been a few women that had their babies too early and unfortunately do not survive. I had my miscarriage pretty early on and it was devastating. I couldn?t imagine how it would feel to lose a child after you?ve felt it kick and heard it?s heartbeat.

Women complain about the rude comments they receive on the forum.?I come on here because I consider you ladies my friends. I don?t need to be judged and don?t deserve the mean comments.I just want to vent an talk to someone.? If you need to talk to someone without being judged, go see a therapist. It?s what I do.  HA!

I?ll defintiely have to try to do another one of these post before the little one comes because one they are here I am saying BUH-BYE to the forums.

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