My Thoughts on The Walking Dead Finale? Eh.

Last night was the anticipated Walking Dead season finale. Well  was it anticipated? Hmm…not so much for me. After the last two predictable episodes I didn’t expect for anything to shock or wow me and it didn’t.

The Deaths?
Predictable. No major characters go killed off. Otis’s wife and that boy that lived on the farm. Can’t remember his name right now. They were expendable so did anyone feel bad when they died? I think they should have killed off a major character. Although I am a fan of Darryl, only one not getting on my nerves, it would have been quite a shocker (to me!) if he was bit.

The Big Secret?
Um….pretty easy to predict. After Shane and Randall came back without being bit it was pretty obvious the “huge secret” was everyone was infected.

Also, I don’t know if it’s really a secret but the panning out at the end to show the building wasn’t really a shocker either. For one, there’s a good chance that building is already occupied (either by humans or walkers) and if it isn’t, it is going to be really risky for them to try to stay there. That’s a huge place to secure.

The episode overall?
Average. Was it just me or did they pump up the blood squirting/gushing a bit too much? I felt like they were trying to overcompensate?
It was also predictable. I knew that Andrea wouldn’t die. Thanks to my brother who read the comic book, I know a little information about the story lines. In the book Andrea is really good with a gun and becomes somewhat badass which you see being developed in this episode. When she was saved by the “mystery character with the sword” I wasn’t shocked either. I already know that she is a badass black chick who is pretty damn good with a sword and takes no prisoner….except for armless walkers. I really hope they spend time developing her character next season.

One more thing, I wonder if they will show members from Randall’s group. If there were 30 men some or all of them had to make it out after the Walkers took over.

Even without knowing a few things from the comic book the finale was still mediocre to me. Like I said, it would have been a shocker if someone major would have really died. Who know’s? Maybe I am just jaded and nothing shocks me anymore.

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