No ?Orange Stuff? For Me! (Alt Title: Another Reason I Love My Midwives!)

I know that a lot of pregnant women dread the Glucose Test. For one, you have to drink what tastes like flat orange soda then wait an hour before you are tested. My experience with it the first time wasn?t too bad. I was able to take the drink home with me and kept in the fridge for a month, drank it the morning of my appointment and by the time I made it to my OB I was ready to be tested.

When I met with my midwife last month she told me I would only have to fast; stop eating before midnight and only have water the following morning. My appointment was at 9 so I knew I wouldn?t be starving.
That morning, my son and I got to the birth center with our oatmeal in tow, took my glucose test and passed!!! My number was 79. My midwife told me that the normal numbers range from 70-95. There?s also other factors they check in your urine sample but everything came back normal.

The only thing that has been low for me is my iron. It was at 10.6. They prefer for it to be higher around the 12 range but since the number has risen since my first visits and is staying steady, there isn?t need too much need to worry. My iron level has always been low. No matter how much spinach, greens, and vitamins I take, it stays low.

This time I met with Alex. I believe I mentioned before I would meet with both midwives to get them know them both equally since either one of them could be at my labor and delivery. Kristen, who is apprenticing, was there as well.

Again we went over the same general questions (stress level, what I ate, any pain, water intake, etc).
This time I did ask them about my pediatrician and check ups. When I called to make my son?s 3 year (3 YEARS!!) check up I had asked them how it worked with midwives since I will only be staying 4-8 hours after delivering. The lady I spoke with said in all the years she has worked there she has only had one other mom use a midwife so she didn?t know the procedure. Um?..OK.

My midwife told me they would come to my house 24 hours after to do the procedural check ups with my baby. Midwives are more concerned with the bonding that happens within the first week (especially if you chose to breastfeed, it can frustrating), mother getting her rest and not raising her stress level, plus they don?t want you lugging your baby across town and getting exposed to unnecessary germs.

Alex gave me a letter explaining everything I can give to my pediatrician and if they have any questions my midwives will answer them.
I did have to fill out a few forms: pediatrician information, which hospital I would like to go to in case of an unexpected emergency, if I want my picture taken and placed on their board or website?.you know, the fun stuff.
Once all that was done it was time for the fun part: hearing the heartbeat. The last two visits (including the most recent) my midwives were not able to hear the heartbeat with just the stethoscope because my placenta is blocking it and the way the baby is positioned. They asked me if I was OK with them using the Doppler and I could?ve screamed ?HELL YEAH!!? I love hearing the heartbeat! Even better, my son was with me so he could hear his little brother or sister as well!

The baby is great! The heartbeat is great and the little one has already turned head down. YAY!!
Besides my growing belly and aches and pains, know things are getting closer because the visits are no longer monthly, they are bi-weekly! Pretty soon, they?ll be weekly. Come on June!!!

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