WTF The Walking Dead?!?

I have posted on here my love for The Walking Dead in the past. Last night?s episode left me??Con-effing-fused. Why? How did Shane and Randall become zombies, oh excuse me, ?Walkers? and they weren?t even bit?? Being the horror fanatic I am and have seen a zombie movie or 50 I?m assuming that they came back as Walkers because the ?disease” is airborne, causing them to inhale it and once they die, something in the brain is stimulated, causing them to come back to life. Hence the reason why you have to shoot them in the head. Told ya I?ve seen a movie or 50??

Is this what the CDC guy whispered to Rick??? The disease is airborne?

My reason for the title of the post is how Shane went out, i.e died. Personally, I am Team Shane. I do like Rick but Shane understood the world change therefore you must change with it. Kill Otis? Go ahead. It?s survival of the fittest. Plus, Shane didn?t know Otis so he owed him nothing. Maybe Shane would have done the same thing to Rick or another person of their ?crew? but I thought it was the right thing to do. Zombies in the barn? Um?.kill those effers!! How in the world do you expect to feel safe when there is a barn full of Walkers one hundred feet away? When he opened that barn I remember cheering him on while my husband was calling him an ?A**hole? and hoping he got bit.

Back to my point. I liked Shane. And I?ll admit, he was really off his rockers towards the end but I thought he could have went out better. I think the writers made him too crazy. His plan is to make it look as if Randall escaped, attacked him, get Rick to help him look, isolate Rick, then kill him?? Um?ok. Just like Rick asked him, ?How are you going to explain my death?? or something along those lines. The show made it too obvious that Shane was going to die so there was no surprise. In fact, it wasn?t a surprise when Dale died.
Next week is the finale and from what I read there are going to be a lot of deaths. At this point, I don?t really care who goes. They are all getting on my nerves. Except for Darryl. He is the only one with common freaking sense.

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    Fantastic deduction. I love this show, but I think the writers went in the wrong direction. Shane was a very likable character despite his flaws. I would have liked to have seen Rick and Shane find a common ground and be best friends again. It was also a poor set up on part of the creators to have Shane and Randall turn into walkers so quickly after being killed (especially with no bites). There wasn't a shred of foreshadowing in prior episodes to help the audience believe this was a possible occurrence.

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