Midwives Update

I have not been thrilled to go to my check-ups. They have all been the same lately.

?Drink More Water?
I am trying to drink as much as I can. I am constantly drinking water and constantly going to the bathroom! I drink about 100+ ounces a day. Still not good enough. My midwife suggest I triple my intake.

?Your Iron is Low?
This is something I have always struggled with. I have been tested and I am slightly anemic. I took iron pills when I was pregnant with my son and my level barely went up. My midwives suggested I take blood builders. Actually one suggested it and the other said as long as it stays the same or does not drop I should be fine. Whatever.

?Gain More Weight?
What the fu?.?!! My first trimester I lost 12 pounds but I have gained back 18. I am measuring correctly during each visit. Each visit I tell my midwife what I am eating and it consists mostly of fruit and vegetables (and some meat?I have been wanting meat) and I?m told I sound like I?m dieting. I am eating the same way I have with my son. I only gained around 20 pounds with him and had a healthy 6lbs 11ozs bambino. I have about 5 1/2 weeks to go. I am not going stress the weight gain. Plus, my iron is low I have been trying to eat more greens and oatmeal (than I already do) I?m drinking more water??things are going to run through me a bit quicker therefore the weight really isn?t going to pack on. I?m not going to start eating a bunch of crap then give myself preeclampsia or something else.

?Do you shake when you walk??
Might as well with all the vitamins I?m taking: Cranberry pills, prenatal vitamins, Vitamin D3, iron pills, evening primrose oil.
Cranberry: helps prevents UTI?s and to keep my ?flushed?
Vitamin D3: keeps me happy!
Iron: Self-explanatory
Evening Primrose Oil: Thins the cervix. Can be taken orally and/or inserted into the vagina
Prenatal: takes care of everything else.

I have received a few forms asking what choices I want to make: circumcision (while I?ll do if it?s a boy), Vitamin K shot or giving it to them orally, Group B Strep Test, giving my child eye drops when they are first delivered, if I want my picture published and posted on their wall (um, no).
I got a bit perturbed when I stated I would be getting my son (if it?s a boy) circumcised. The midwives philosophy is that they give you all the options and it?s up to you to make your decision. I felt a bit judged at that moment. Then again, I am over this pregnancy so I can just be taking the vibe wrong.

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    • Shanika Pichey

      Good question. She says I'm dehydrated. My bladder begs to differ. I went and saw the OB that has to OK me to have a birth with then and he told me to watch my intake as he had a situation in which a girl drank too much and it numbed her leg!! She couldn't even get an epiduaral! In this situation I am going to listen to my body.

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