Book Review: Good Luck by Whitney Gaskell

It has been a while since I have read a book so I wanted to
ease back in with an easy read. I have read another book by this author and
enjoyed so I was looking forward to reading this one.
There are a majority of people who think, ?If I win
the lottery, life/things would be easier.?

This book shows the downfall of what
happens when you suddenly become a millionaire.

Lucy  Parker is having
a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (name that book!!): she got fired
from her  job because a student accused
her of making sexual advances towards him because she refused to change his
failing grade, then she comes home hoping for some comfort from her boyfriend
who?s busy ?comforting? someone else?..in bed.
Between packing up all of his belongings and getting drunk
of warm champagne (oooh?.talk  about  killer hangover), Lucy bought a lottery
ticket?.and won big.
At first she decides to keep it to herself because she?s in
complete shock and wonders how do you tell friends and family you are now an
instant millionaire.
Unfortunately her secret isn?t kept for long and soon her
house in bombarded with reporters who have dug into her past, specifically  her getting fired from her job, and the media
has dubbed her  ?The Lottery Seductress.?
Once her life is put in a whirlwind and everyone surrounding
her is giving her mix signals , Lucy decides to escape to Palm Beach to stay
with her rich friend from college. At first things are great: new look, new
name, new wardrobe, partying every night, new men (two!)?life is good.
Even though she is enjoying her new life there is a huge
part of her that yearns for her old one. It doesn?t help that she has to lie to
everyone new in her life about who she really is.
Pretty soon her old life starts to mix with her new one as
her identity is discovered.  On top of
that she has to deal with people in her life that are trying to take advantage
of her new money.
Some parts of the book were very predictable but it was
still an enjoyable read. I did like that it shows money can?t solve your
problems and your past will always catch up with you.

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