Obviously the title is a play off some of the popular
hashtags you see on Twitter (#whitegirlproblems, #firstworldproblems) in which
the ?problems? aren?t really problems at all.
See where this post is going?
On Sunday, Mother?s Day, I will be 37 weeks. FULL TERM!!!
Woo-hoo! (I?ve been reading a lot of articles
that say full term is now 39 weeks. Whatever. I?m sticking with 37.)
I haven?t taken one belly shot this entire pregnancy. We
know how I feel about maternity shots. But as my time is coming to an end I
want to do something to document it.
I have been thinking about doing a belly cast.
time: I remember when I was back in high school and MTV Cribs was a must watch
show. Actually most of the shows on MTV were a must watch. I was watching the
episode that featured Tommy Lee?s and Pam Anderson?s home they had shared
together. There were a lot of things to remember about their home: some weird
Big Bird-style wall, his recording studio, the sex swing?..
But what I remembered the most was the belly
casts they had displayed on the wall.  I
remember thinking that was one of the coolest things and when I had children I
would do the same thing.
Fast forward some odd years later and I didn?t do it with
my son. I kind of forgot about it. Oops.
I do want to do a cast but now there are so many
questions: Where do I hang it? Should I
decorate it? Will my children think it?s kind of creepy Mommy has her belly
hanging on the wall? Do I want people seeing it and thinking, ?Um?..are those
her boobs and belly?.NAKED?!?
Taken while at the birthing center
Speaking of documenting, I have been toying with the idea
of having a photographer present during labor and delivery. Deciding to see
midwives and go all natural with the birth has made me feel like I am pregnant
for the first time. I have been reading a lot of birth stories and I like some
of the pictures that are shown along with them. But I don?t know how I feel
about having some random person being with me at the birthing center,
completely in my personal space, snapping pictures. I thought about asking a
family member to do it but then that can cause drama with other family members
who won?t be present at the birth. And to think, pregnancy is supposed to be
about the mom and the baby. Yeah, right. Most likely I?ll end up having someone
in our family (correction?.mine??and by ?mine? I mean my sister if she isn?t
working. Is that cool with you Susane?) doing it.  
#Pregnantgalproblems are so hard. 

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