Things I Miss…..

  1. Smoked Salmon Bagel. I think this
    may be my first meal after delivery.
  2. Besides water, green tea is the
    only thing I would drink on a daily basis. It was hard to give it up. It especially
    sucked when I was getting headaches due to my caffeine withdrawals.
  3. Hookah?.sweet, sweet, hookah. A
    couple of weeks ago while having lunch at Mezza, I saw a woman enjoying ?The
    Hookah? all by her lonesome. I stared. I stared hard and had no shame. Matter
    of fact, I told her I would stare because I?m pregnant and I miss The Hookah.
    She was totally fine with it. At least she acted like she did. Don?t worry, I
    didn?t stare for long as my attention was stolen by great taste of the
    Phoenician Fries?..yum.
  4. I miss my crazy workouts.
  5. I miss indulging in any alcoholic
    beverage in general. I chose this picture because last night as my husband was
    watching (and yelling) at the basketball game (Mavericks vs. Oklahoma), a commercial
    for Corona  appeared in honor of Cinco De
    Mayo.  No lie, I actually closed my eyes
    and envisioned myself drinking a nice cold one. It. Was. Good.

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