Feeling 12 Again

Yesterday I watched the E! News Special interview with No Doubt. At the end, they premiered their new video (which I love!) “Settle Down.” Everytime I listen to No Doubt it takes me back to being 12. I remember it was one of the first cd’s I ever owned (I think my very first one was The Fugees). I remember it was a Sunday Night and I was at Wal Mart with my mom and begged her to buy it for me. I also remember the cashier looking at the cd then looking at me thinking, “Why in the hell is this black girl getting this cd with a bunch of white people on it (even though Tony is black and their back up band members are black as well)?!?!”

Her look is probably one of the reasons why I hid my love for No Doubt from my black friends at the time who were all about the Rap and R&B. As am I, but my taste is definitely eclectic.

As I got older and stopped caring what people thought I happily rocked my No Doubt CDs. To this day I will put in Tragic Kingdom and get completely lost in it. Sorry if you’ve seen me on the road singing “I’m Just a Girl” I’m sure it wasn’t pretty. But I bet it was comical.

You better believe when September comes I will be heading to the store to get their new cd. Yup, I said CD. no downloading for me. I’ve tried it before and it just didn’t feel right. I need to physically feel it. Probably the same reason why I just can’t do e-books.

Speaking of 12, Gwen Stefani just gets better with age. I remember seeing her 2 years ago and I was completely mesmerized by her abs. Talk about motivation!

Also, I’ve always loved her style. She definitely has fun with fashion: trendy, casual, old Hollywood glam, funky…you name it she’s done it.

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