Book Review: The Fame Game by Lauren Conrad

This series is a spin-off of Lauren Conrad’s first series, LA Candy and focuses on Madison Parker. Madison was the girl everyone loved to hate on LA Candy. Having a less than stellar childhood,  Madison was determined to never go back. Which makes her the perfect person for Reality TV; willing to do whatever it takes to be famous and get ratings.

I was hoping this series would be like LA Candy but on acid but I found it to be a bit lackluster. The plot and direction of the book was pretty obvious. In LA Candy you go from not liking Madison to feeling bad for her in the Fame Game. Or at least somewhat liking her. In the previous series they touched on how her father was never around so it wasn’t a surprise when he shows up in the story. They do introduce new characters. Carmen, whose parents are Hollywood Royalty and wants to prove she can make it on her pure, raw talent and not because of her legacy. So of course going on a reality show is where you go to prove that, right? Kate who is sweet, down-to-earth, and gained “YouTube Fame” by singing her own rendition of a popular song. Then there’s Gaby who sadly is being rode hard and will be put away wet (but with new body parts!).

As I said before, a lot of the plot was obvious. Actually, all of it was obvious: competition for spotlight, contrived drama, family issues….

Since there are two more books I am hoping that it gets better.

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