Mellie: Once You Have Your Baby, First Round of Drinks on Me

(Bloggers Note: As I wrote this post I realized I started to talk about these characters as if they were real people actually dealing with these situations. Whatever, I never claimed to be right in the head)

Like most of the “free world” (as Fitz likes to say), I am obsessed with Scandal. While most of my Twitter and Facebook timeline is going gaga for Olivia Pope and her Gladiators, I got Mellie’s back. Especially after the speech she gave  the Pastor’s wife, “Be his wife.”

I can’t relate exactly with Mellie’s marriage but as a wife I do understand the hard work that goes into trying to make a marriage successful. Add being America’s #1 couple? Oy vey!

She has taken her role as First Lady a bit too far sometimes (Faking a miscarriage? Not cool, Mellie) but as her husband’s priorities changed, so did hers. And I don’t see anything wrong that.
Obvisouly they got married for love. When Mellie decided to postpone her dreams to help with her husband’s, I’m sure she was more than delighted to do anything for him. As they continued on with the campaign for presidency it brought more stress into their life.

Being the first lady is hard work. You have to be mentally strong. You are in the public eye, everything you do is being analyzed to a T, and you always have to be “on”.
America hates your husband? Be happy. Your husband is a manwhore? BE HAPPY! And call Martha Stewart to decorate the nursery.

In the last episode Mellie and Fitz did a half-ass job of making up (More half-ass on his side. I’m starting to see Fitz more as an ASS and am really starting to dislike him) and I’m sure things will get much worse before they get better…if possible.

I will say that I do live Olivia and her Gladiators. Especially Huck. He such a teddy bear; one that can chop you up, place you in plastic bags, and ensure that you will never be seen again. But I find him the most likable.

I want to see a romantic tryst with David and Olivia.

I think he is going to go so crazy trying to find the answers that he’s going to fall in love with Olivia.

Are you watching Scandal? Thoughts?

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