Shield backs and Burlap

A few months ago I received an antique dining set from my aunt that came with 6 shield back chairs. They spent the last 10 years in the garage and need some TLC. I’ve decided it’s finally time to do something with them. When refinishing furniture for myself I always go to black. I prefer for the big pieces to be solid black and then dressed up with colorful accessories. Even though my mind is 95% made up I still did some web surfing just to see what’s out there.
I like how there’s a pop of pattern on the back of the chairs. A very simple way to spruce them up without going overboard. This is a possible option
To me, black and white together is classic. But I feel I would stress about he frames of the chairs to stay clean and would most likely scrub the paint off.
Subtle. I like.
For the Color Lover
I’m thinking of covering the chairs with some burlap that I recently got. I found someone locally on Craigslist that was giving away YARDS and YARD of burlap. Along with some tulle.
I do like this look but I feel dealing with little hands and my general clumsiness of spilling things, black would be best.
I tried to find a tutorial on dyeing burlap black but haven’t had any luck.
Time for some experimenting.

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