Thoughts on the latest The Walking Dead

Glenn: When you were tied up and Merle sent in the walker to kill you but you escaped from the chair to stick it to the walker, I officially started caring about you. Don’t die, Ok?

Darryl: Have you been working out? You are looking a bit more dieseled in this episode. Keep it up. (Side Note: I remember Darryl or Norman Reedus, which is his real name, from a favorite movie of mine, Gossip. He played a harmless creeper so it still weird for me to see him as a badass. Even though he was somewhat of one in Blade II. Randomness over.).

Rick: That was a bitch move grabbing Michonne’s leg. Just go away.

Hershel: It took you losing a leg for me to actually acknowledge you. Hi.

Hershel’s Daughter(not Maggie): Yeah, I can’t even remember your name. You can go.

Carl: you’re tolerable. For now. Your ass still needs to learn how to listen.

Carol: Welcome back. Whatever.

Andrea: Never cared for you. And now I REALLY can’t stand you. Can’t wait for the big revelation when everyone finds out you’ve been skanking it up with the Gov’na (said in my Cockney accent).

As for you Gov’na: nothing you do shocks me. Keep on with the keep on.

Merle: You’re not as dumb as I thought you were. Can’t wait until you and Darryl meet up. You don’t bother me. Except that you’re a big fat racist…

Michonne: you’re my girl. I Stan for you.

Maggie: I hope they write in a little revenge for you against the Gov’na. (Another side note: I still see her as Bella from Supernatural.)

Judith as the name for the baby: I preferred Ass Kicker.

Milton: There’s always time for tea. (You guessed it?Side Note! I don’t know this actors name but he was Angus on The L Word. I miss that show)

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