Want to Survive a World Filled with Zombies? Do Everything OPPOSITE of the Characters on The Walking Dead.

I have spoken about my love for The Walking Dead on this blog a few times. We are a few episodes into the new season and at this point, I want everyone to get bit. Except for Darryl and Michonne.
I cannot stand the lax attitude these survivors have.

Why on earth do you think you have time to sit singing around a fire while there are walkers roaming close by ready to eat you? Hershel, you freaking idiot!! What were you thinking just walking over the “dead” body. In my opinion you deserved to get bit. I don’t think I would ever be comfortable walking over a dead body. You should see how I act when I have run-ins with dead animals on my morning runs. It ain’t pretty, folks.

Fortunately, I have a brother that is just as obsessed with the show as I am. I usually call him a day or two later and we discuss and analyze everything. If you could have heard the conversation we had when we found out what happened to Sophia. It was like an episode of CSI: Walkers. It appears the girl was grabbed from behind and bit on the shoulder. From the time Rick and the gang met Otis, Hershel, and his family, it is safe to say Sophia was bit right after she got lost in the woods.

Each week I call him and tell him how stupid these people are and what I would do (As much as I love this show it freaks me out because I’m convinced something like this could truly happen). Knowing me so well, he sent me an e-mail of things that would help me survive/give me a chance in a post-apocalyptic zombie-filled world. I’ll paraphrase the e-mail:

  • Supplies of food, water & medication are very common knowledge and you should have at least a three day supply
  • Pocket knife: These are safer and more easier to store. Suggest keep one on you at all times.
  • Crowbar: Besides the obvious uses of prying things it can also be used like a spear in a fight. Best kept in the vehicle.
  • Machete: The dual purpose use as a weapon and to cut plants and/or livestock. 
  • Revolver: With all the hand guns out there why this? Simple because it’s simple to load, clean, use and NO jamming. Lower calibers have less kick back, suggest .38 caliber.
  • Double barrel shotgun: This version is easier to load and maintain then pump action ones. Accuracy is not a problem at close range. 
  • Rifle: This one is last because if you had everything else on the list then this will just be extra. It does have some advantages. Shoots further than the other guns and if learn to use a scope you can search far ahead (binoculars or telescopes could solve that dilemma) and shoot prey that is too far away.

He also sent me an e-mail of which states would be the safest. Green means good. Red means dead.


Tomorrow, I’ll be back with what I would wear while killing zombies. In my post-apocalyptic world, looks will still matter.

And just beacuse this makes me laugh, becuase it’s so true, I’ll leave you with this:




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