4 Years

Last Thursday my husband and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. He’s been secretive about what he had planned for two months. He wouldn’t tell me anything. Last week I finally got something out of him. He told me where we were going to eat, Al’s Upstairs. I asked him to call to change the reservations from 8pm to 7pm because I was HUNGRY. So glad he did. When we arrived and was being seated, there was a little surprise:

With the help of a friend, he had our table decorated in our wedding colors, black and red.

He got the Grill Sampler: grouper, filet, and lamb. All so good.

I got the duck.

I remember four years ago, a few days after our wedding we watched the Inauguration. I will be watching it again today as well (with pride). I also love how our anniversary is close to MLK Day because if it wasn’t for him, our marriage wouldn’t be accepted, by law. Still a few who don’t accept but they are ignorant pieces of shits that can go away. Far away.

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