I Partied So Hard…

I fell asleep before midnight. So sad. It was about 11:42 and I fell asleep on my husbands lap. I was just going to take a quick nap. He tried his hardest to keep me awake but I couldn’t do it. He even opened up the bottle of peach champagne I bought (effing disgusting). I had been up since 4am (on top of being up hourly with a baby who uses me as a pacifier) and I couldn’t keep my eyelids open. I woke up because my PARENTS called me about 12:06 to wish me a happy new year. They were in Atlanta. Sad day when your parents have a more active social life than you do. Wondering why my husband didn’t wake me up to see the ball drop I look over and he’s passed out himself.  Party Animals.

My nails partied harder than I did.

I don’t really have any specific resolutions but I guess to believe in myself a bit more? I know that sounds cheesy and generic, but it’s true. People are always telling me I am talented and creative and to do something with it but it is really hard for me to put myself out there. I don’t want to be judge. *cue eye roll*

Yes, everyone judges (including myself) and you have to learn to brush it off. I constantly see quotes in my Facebook and Instagram feeds (and even have a few saved to my Pinterest page) telling you to stop worrying about what others think but when you have suffered your whole life with being self-conscious and depressed it is much easier said then done.
So…that’s about all for now.
Oh, yeah! KICK ASS IN 2013!!!

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