My Newest Guilty Pleasure: Vanderpump Rules

I wouldn’t even call this a guilty pleasure, it’s just a pleasure. This show takes me back to my serving/bartending days and I can understand/relate to most of the drama that happens. No matter how hard you try you get sucked into the work drama. Either you are part of the drama or your friend is in the drama which indirectly makes you part of it.

Since you’re always working your coworkers become a second family. A dysfunctional-making-out-having-sex-drinking-together
-fighting-each-other-making-up-yet-talking-shit-behind-each-other’s-back family.

There was some GOOD drama where I worked:
Casual hookups, threesome, management sleeping with staff, management sleeping with management, broken marriages, broken relationships, sex in the bathroom, drinking on the clock, getting CAUGHT drinking on the clock, getting fired for drinking on the clock, stealing food and alcohol from the job, getting high on your shift while someone else keeps lookout and covers your tables, friendships made, friendships broken. And a whole Lotta cussing. Good times.

Back to Vanderpump Rules. The drama these people deal with is so shallow but when you are always at work it consumes you. I like all the girls and I see some of myself in all of them. Yes, even Stassi. Tom, we had one at our restaurant. He actually called one time to say he would be late because tweezing his eyebrows took longer than expected. He even had Tom hair.

Last week some of the staff was on Watch What Happens Live. You can tell Jax thinks he’s a bigger deal than what he really is and if he becomes famous he’s going to act like he was never on a reality show and is going to want to be taken as a “serious actor.”

Are you watching Vanderpump Rules? Thoughts?

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