OFF THE HOOK: Puff Stitch Cowl

My mom asked me to make her a hat and a scarf (if there was enough yarn left). I knew there wouldn’t be much left for a long scarf so I made her a cowl. I didn’t want it to be a simple cowl so I decided to try the puff stitch. One thing I’ve learned about crochet is the stitches and patterns look intimidating but once you learn the basics the possibilities are endless. To make the puff stitch all you have to know is how to Yarn Over (YO) and Single Crochet (SC).
I used this pattern to make the cowl.

                                                                      (work in progress)

I continued with this pattern until it was 36 inches long then I sewed the ends together. I decided to try it out before I gave it to my mom.

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