Birthday. Smirthday

I’ll be turning 30 in two months. I’ve never been one of those people who’ve been afraid to get older because it’s what we  have to do and if I’m not getting older that means I’m dead. Bummer. Usually I would have birthday weekends, then it turned into a week and since I love being spoiled so much (typical youngest child syndrome).I turned the celebrations into a month.
Last few years, I haven’t been feeling it.
I think when I was younger(and early 20’s) I would want to celebrate my birthday with a lot of people because I needed validation. I needed to be  liked/loved. I keep my birthday private on Facebook because I don’t want any obligatory birthday wishes because some site is reminding you it’s someone’s birthday.
My son’s birthday is three days after mine and I’m more excited about his. Which I guess is the natural progression of getting older and having children? My birthday is on a Friday and most likely I’ll spend it prepping his party for the next day. 
I feel like I should do something great as I’m  leaving my 20’s and entering a new era but I don’t know what. Get certified in Scuba Diving? Jump out of a plane? Shave my hair off? I’ve thought about taking a day trip somewhere by myself but honestly I rather drop the boys off at one of their grandparents, come home, and lay on the couch all day.
Hopefully I’ll be out of my funk before the big day but for now no big (or little) plans.

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