Stitched: A Quilt gets a facelift

Making a quilt can be intimidating.
And tedious.
Measuring, cutting, ironing, placement, ironing, sewing, ironing  basting…did I say ironing?
The results? Worth it.
My client (Sounds so weird saying. Maybe I should say “customer” or “husband’s coworker.” Hmmm. This was a job so I’ll  stick with “client.”) had a quilt for over 20 years that needed a makeover. The only thing she wanted reused was the wool in the middle. She told me it was wool from her fathers sheeonand they went to s lady in North Carolina that worked her magic and made it quilt ready. I love hearing stories about this.

Speaking of wool, for a while I have been fascinated with going to a farm, shaving a sheep for it’s wool and spinning it into some great yarn.

Her only requests were for the colors to be brown.

She told me it exceeded her expectations. That made me very happy.

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