90’s Cartoon Charcters All Grown Up

Thanks to Chescaleigh’s instagram page, I learned about the site Celeste Doodles. She has taken some of our beloved cartoon characters rom the 90’s and is showing us what they look like now in their 20’s. Celeste also gives updates as to what each of them are doing. Whether they went to top-notch colleges, became YouTube sensations, or have their own reality show, none of them have slacked.

Tommy got hot! Im loving Susie’s style, Angelica still can’t be trusted, and chuckie has grown into his own.

Didn’t watch Hey Arnold! so I’m not sure who these character’s are. 

Oh, The Ashleys. I couldn’t stand them but man was their clubhouse the shit!

She even did a sketch of Jodie from Daria! At her Presidential Inauguration,  of course. 

Head over to her site to see more illustrations and what everyone has been up to.
 I would love to see her draw the characters from Doug. And the rest of Daria cast.

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